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Eyelid Surgery FAQ

What is eyelid surgery?
Eyelid surgery fixes upper eyelids, which appear droopy, and heavy, lower eyelids, which appear puffy and fat, and lower eyelids, which are misaligned in such as way as to cause excessive redness or irritation.

What is the procedure like?
All eyelid surgery procedures involve an incision in the eye crease, followed by either tightening of the skin or the removal of fatty tissue.

How will my vision be affected?
For the first two or three days after eyelid surgery, your vision will be impaired. After about three days, you’ll be able to read and watch TV normally. In about a month, you’ll be able to resume almost all normal activities – although, if you wear contacts, you may need some additional time before wearing them.

Who is an ideal candidate for this surgery?
Anyone with consistently puffy, droopy, or heavy eyelids. Anyone who appears tired even when they feel alert.

What causes “droopy” or “puffy” eyelids?
Age and genetics are the two most common reasons.

Will there be a scar?
Technically, yes, but it will be virtually invisible, because the incision is very small and always made within the eye crease.

How much does eyelid surgery cost?
This depends on the type and extensiveness of the procedure(s) involved. In order to learn what procedure is best for your specific situation, please contact us today for a consultation. Or More information on Financing Options.

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