Laser Hair Removal

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Save up to 50%!

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You can remove hair permanently from virtually anywhere on the body - including:

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Pubic area
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Buttocks

VelaShape is also 50% off! - $175 (original price: $350).

Permanent hair removal means that you are free from the unwanted hair without the drawbacks of shaving, waxing, or tweezing.

- No more embarrassing hair, stubble, razor burns, or ingrown hairs.

- Wear your bathing suit and shorts with confidence.

- Experience the convenience of NOT SHAVING

Call us today at (801) 293-8100 and experience freedom from unwanted hair.

For more information watch the video below & visit our Laser Hair Removal page.

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Save Up to 50% On Our Laser Hair Removal Prices!

AreaPrice per Treatment
(original)Price Per Treatment
(reduced)Package of 7
(original)Package of 7
(reduced)Axilla (underarms)$125$62$750$375Abdomen (upper)$125$62$750$375Abdomen (lower)$125$62$750$375Abdomen (full)$250$125$1,500$750Arms (full)$375$187$2,250$1,120Arms (half)$210$105$1,260$630Back (full)$500$250$3,000$1,500Back (half)$250$125$1,500$750Bikini Line$160$80$960$480Bikini Extended$210$105$1,260$630Brazilian$290$145$1,740$870Breast/Areola$95$47$570$285Buttocks$325$162$1,950$975Cheeks$160$80$960$480Chest (full)$405$202$2,430$1215Chin$125$62$750$375Chin/Lip Combo$215$105$1,290$645Ears$40$20$240$120Face (full)$250$125$1,500$750Feet & Toes$125$60$750$375Full Body (women)††$9,400$4,700Full Body (men)††$12,500$6,250Glabella (unibrow)$40$20$240$120Hands$125$62$750$375Jaw-line$125$62$750$375Leg (lower, woman)$325$162$1,950$975Leg (upper, woman)$325$162$1,950$975Leg (full, woman)$540$270$3,240$1,620Leg (lower, man)$410$205$2,460$1,230Leg (upper, man)$410$205$2,460$1,230Leg (full, man)$750$375$4,500$2,250Lip$95$47$570$285Navel Strip$95$47$570$285Neck (back/front)$125$62$750$375Nose$40$20$240$120Sacrum$160$80$960$480Shoulders$250$125$1,500$750Sideburns$125$62$750$375

*After purchasing a package, the touch-up is 10% of the package price. This price is good for up to 10 touch-up visits.