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Lip Enhancement Cosmetic Surgery

Lip Enhancement, also known as Lip Augmentation, is a procedure in which your lip appearance is improved.  This includes lips that are small, or have fine lines and wrinkles.

There are two ways to achieve fuller lips.  First is by the use of Fillers.  Utah Cosmetic Surgery uses Juvaderm or Belotero to enhance the lips.  Please see or information regarding Juvaderm and Belotero under fillers for more information.   

Second is Fat Grafting.  This is the surgical method of inserting your own fat into your lips to achieve the desired fullness.  Patients may achieve permanent results, but this method varies from patient to patient.  Because it is your own fat, there is no rejection.  Your body reabsorbs some of the fat, but if it stays for six months, it almost always stays permanently.  For more information about Fat Grafting please see the section under Fat Grafting for a more detailed explanation.

The goal with Lip Enhancements is to create a balance in the face between the lips and the rest of the facial features.  The procedure can be performed in the office or in the operating room while having other body contouring procedures.  A lip lift is an adjunctive procedure to pull out the red portion and shorten the distance between the nose and red lips if this segment is too long.